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Write to: Drive On, Quarry Cottage, Quarry Cottages, Steeton, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD20 6QD

Phone:    01535 654836     Mobile: 07711 037400    eMail: jon@jonharvison.com

     "The audience was spellbound by Jon’s strong and memorable song writing"
Mike Blair, Bedford Folk Music Club

      "The faithful turned up to see one of the country's most powerful performers on the folk circuit. Along with his song writing abilities, Jon's other great strength is his dynamic voice which contrasts nicely with his neat guitar work.  His programme was a mixture of his own songs, a couple by other contemporary writers and the traditional numbers, "Rambleaway" and an absolutely cracking version of "Little Musgrave" for a truly memorable encore”
Dave Gooder, 
The Swan in the Rushes, Loughborough

     "Take a powerful voice, an exciting guitar style, witty chat and a good sized crowd and you have all that's needed for a good evenings entertainment. This describes the Jon Harvison evening at the OKH. Jon's entertainment value impressed me: witty stories between well balanced songs and effortless switches between guitar tunings: The OKH regulars, together with a special guest of high quality made this a great night’s entertainment, much appreciated by the audience."
Geoff Deighton, 
Folk On! The Old Kings Head, Belper

   "Gregson Lane’s guests this year have ranged from the traditional to the contemporary, serious stuff and humour as well.  The standard has been high, and the last guest of the year was no exception. Jon has a solid collection of original songs with shrewd observations of the events which shape all our lives.  ‘Daughter Don’t You Weep’ was a song about the absence of dementia from another perspective, whilst ‘One Moon’ explored the threads linking people half a world away.  
     Other standout songs were originals ‘Long May You Walk’ and ‘Lost in the Night’.  The encore was the much requested ‘Heavy Horses’ about the changing village where the tourist has replaced much of the rural tradition, and labourers have disappeared. It was nicely rounded, well played, and excellent entertainment. 
     All in all, it was an excellent set from an accomplished performer.  Let’s hope the New Year brings Jon Harvison fame and fortune.  On this performance, he deserves a wider audience”
Don Moore, Folk Northwest


CD Reviews

“Dark and political with insight and bite is what he does best" 

“The whole album is a delight” 

“Harvison is an inspired songwriter” 
New Folk Sounds, Holland

“Most of Jon’s work has a sharp edge to it….. When he chooses to turn his talent to a love song the result is captivating”  Folk London 

"One of contemporary folk music’s finest exponents" 
Folk on Tap

"This is an album of real stature. These are outstanding new interpretations which deserve to be force-fed to those who persist in believing there's only one way to perform traditional ballads. What a fine release, and a neat idea on the photo too!"
Folk Roundabout

"Yes folks, we have yet another British performer doing a collection of traditional ballads. At least half a dozen other singers immediately pop into my mind ready for comparison when I contemplate it. But Jon Harvison’s Knights Gambit pulls it off for a variety of reasons. He’s got a great voice and delivery, knows his material, doesn’t try anything too fancy. Keep your ear out for this guy's work, folks, I think he’s onto something". 
Green Man USA

"Co-produced by, and featuring Steafan Hannigan, Knights Gambit is guitarist/singer Jon Harvison’s unique treatment of the ballad tradition. Although the material will be familiar, the inventive musical arrangements breathe new life into the songs. There are shades of Bill Caddick in Harvison’s vocals, and, although the idiosyncrasies in his delivery might prove an acquired taste, it is one definitely worth acquiring". 

"This is an impressive and mature release. I reckon that with High DivingJon has produced another quality "calling card". A creditable and satisfying collection that ought to bring Jon no little acclaim. 
Tykes News

"Knights gambit: a fascinating album, with the feel of a beautiful antique. Jon goes decisively against the flow, no special effects, nothing flash and ornate just a powerful voice which has the sonority of jazz and rock, a simple, linear almost spartan presentation. A cd with a special feel. Which means you are treated to a cd which is really different from the standard of other discs of traditional ballads"

Keltika Italy

"What is particularly noticeable from track one onwards is his powerful vocal delivery, which contrasts seamlessly with his solid and carefully coordinated acoustic guitar style. Harvison projects his material in a well-produced form and he shines out his soul and obvious love for his music. Well known songs are arranged in a way that gives these much used titles a new lease of life thanks to his unique and powerful interpretation. A highly recommended album indeed". 
New Folk Sounds Netherlands

"This is an exceptionally fine album…recorded confirmation that Jon Harvison is one of contemporary folk music's finest exponents"
Folk On Tap

"Verily hath it been spoken that there is a greater joy in heaven over one repentant sinner than over a whole cloud-full of saints. How much more so if the repentant one is a sinner songwriter, amen. As a thorny old traddy I was itching to dislike this album. In fact it’s quite won me over. In coming at the traditional repertoire from a different angle, Jon has shed new light on it. There are more ways to skin a cat as my old granny used to say". 

Live Reviews

 "Jon has built a solid reputation around the live music circuit. He's blessed with a rich, powerful voice, a tasty guitar technique and is a brilliant songwriter, whose material has been adopted by many luminaries of the festival and recording scene. However he doesn't merely sing his own songs, as he is also a fine interpreter of the traditional repertoire and his programmes move seamlessly between the different forms.
     Add to all this a mildly wicked sense of humour and you have the recipe for a great evening entertainment-and he always delivers one"
The Song Loft

     "Jon Harvison delighted the Redditch Folk Club with an excellent gig. His two sets very effectively blended traditional material with Jon's own work; all performed with enthusiasm and skill. Jon has a wonderful voice - rich, expressive and very powerful and the one problem the club faced was persuading everyone to go home at the end of the evening!” 
Bryn Colvin, Redditch Folk Club

Jon Harvison at the Labour Rooms Otley